Deeds under inheritance law

Inheritance law offers several types of available options. Our notaries of the Canton of Lucerne carry out the notarization of public wills, inheritance contracts, advance care directive and foundations. They will point out the advantages and disadvantages of each possibility and ensure that any estate and contingency plans made are customized and as conflict-free as possible.

Will by public deed

Wills are either hand-written or publicly notarized. Our notaries will provide advice for drafting your will, irrespective of whether your assets are in Lucerne, elsewhere in Switzerland or abroad. Special constellations or particularly complex situations may require the will to be publicly notarized by our notaries in the presence of two witnesses. Grossenbacher Attorneys at Law may be appointed as executor to enforce your will.

Inheritance contract

An inheritance contract provides the possibility to govern, together with heirs or third parties, the inheritance according to your individual needs. There exists the possibility, for example, of renunciation of inheritance (inheritance renunciation or compensation in lieu of future inheritance) for payment or without payment or to jointly determine the allocation of value. An inheritance contract must be publicly notarized in the presence of at least two witnesses and may also be combined with a marital agreement. Our notary’s office will provide advice on drawing up an inheritance contract in Lucerne or throughout Switzerland, draft a customised inheritance contract and carry out the public notarization. To ensure your will is enforced, Grossenbacher Attorneys at Law may be appointed as executor.

Advance care directive

An advance care directive is either hand-written or publicly certified. With an advance care directive, a person who has capacity to act can entrust a natural person or legal entity to take care of his or her well-being (personal care), of financial matters (financial management) and/or of legal matters (representation in legal relations) in the event of his/her lack of capacity of judgement. Our notaries of the Canton of Lucerne will gladly provide advice on establishing an advance care directive and will carry out public notarizations where requested.

Depositing wills, inheritance contracts and advance care directives

Wills and inheritance contracts may be kept either by the respective person, handed over to a third party for safekeeping or deposited with an official authority. If requested, our notary’s office will organise the depositing of the will or inheritance contract with a competent authority. Unfortunately, it is not possible to officially deposit advance care directives. However, our notary’s office will ensure that the authorities are bindingly informed about the existence and depository of the advance care directive.


A foundation provides many possibilities for governing inheritance and can be established by means of a disposition upon death (hand-written or publicly notarized will or inheritance contract). Our notary’s office will gladly provide advice on establishing a foundation upon death and will carry out the public certification. The foundation’s seat need not necessarily be in Lucerne.