Incorporation of companies

Entrepreneurs and business founders enjoy extensive support by our notaries. We provide the following notarial services at attractive prices:

Non-binding initial consultation

In a non-binding initial consultation we will discuss with you your business idea and plans. As part of this consultation, a first evaluation of possible legal issues will be made.

Choosing the correct legal form

Based on our in-depth analysis, we will provide strategic and legal advice on choosing a Swiss legal form, such as a corporation (Ltd.) or a limited liability company (LLC), that best suits your needs.

Choosing your company name and formulating its purpose

Our notaries will provide support in choosing a company name, thereby avoiding potential conflict with existing companies or trademarks, domain names etc. registered in Switzerland. We will also advise you in formulating the company’s purpose and undertake further clarifications in connection with the founding of your corporation or limited liability company in Lucerne and in Switzerland.

Creating customised articles of association

We will draft customised articles of association for your corporation or limited liability company to suit your and other stakeholders’ needs.

Incorporation of your corporation of limited liability company

Our notaries of the Canton of Lucerne will prepare all necessary incorporation documents and discuss them with you. Following this, our notaries will incorporate your corporation or limited liability company and carry out all necessary certifications for the whole of Switzerland. Your company’s seat needs not necessarily to be in the Canton of Lucerne.

Dealing with the trade register

We handle and carry out all incorporation formalities with the Swiss trade register involved. After the trade register entries have been made, we check the trade register excerpts and send you all the deeds and business documents as part of an incorporation package.

Legal support after the incorporation of your company

Our notary’s office and specialised attorneys at Grossenbacher Attorneys at Law remain at your disposal after your company has been set up. Depending on your particular needs, we work in teams covering different specialisations. We also have a network of contacts with carefully selected experts in Switzerland and elsewhere. Our philosophy guarantees the finest quality and customised solutions for your company.