Notarial and official certifications

Our notaries carry out all notarisations in German or English valid for Switzerland and abroad and will promptly obtain any required apostilles or legalizations from the State Chancellery of the Canton of Lucerne or from the respective foreign embassy or consulate.

Certifications of signatures

Legal relations between private persons and public authorities occasionally require the certification of certain signatures in order to ensure that the signatures are genuine. Our notary’s office will gladly provide the certification of signatures. Furthermore, our notary‘s office will also provide advice regarding apostilles or other legalisations required for signature certifications for foreign countries.

Certification of documents and identification

In certain legal relations between private persons or public authorities, a simple copy of a document or identification document (passport, ID card etc.) will not suffice. In such cases, our notaries will make a copy of the original document and confirm its correspondence with the original document (notarized copy). For international constellations, our notaries will also clarify if an apostille or other form of legalisation is required.

Organisation of apostilles and legalisations

Our notaries provide the service of obtaining apostilles and legalizations (authentications) in cooperation with the State Chancellery of the Canton of Lucerne and with the respective foreign embassy or consulate. By means of an apostille, documents that were publicly certified in Switzerland also become recognised abroad. As part of our apostille service, we provide prompt obtainment of apostilles for your original documents and, according to your instructions, send these by post or courier service to an address in Switzerland or abroad.

Further certifications

Our notaries will be happy to advise on other types of certification such as notarised translations (e.g. excerpts from the trade register in English), administering of an oath or declarations of an oath as well as on certifications of various procedures and statements for national or international cases (e.g. review of the situation in litigious inheritance matters or of authority statements from Swiss companies).